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Hi, I'm Marcus

Where To Start:

I'm a multi-skilled, award nominated storyteller, journalist and video producer; with a finger on the pulse of pop culture and current events. Attention to detail, organization and adaptability come second nature to me because I'll always be a journalist at heart. I'm constantly looking for new ways to visually tell stories because everyone has a life experience worth sharing. They're just looking for someone to listen.

Where I'm From:

Born and raised between Tennessee and Kentucky I got my start in media as a news reporter at tv stations across the country, before transitioning into more digital/online reporting, video content creation and production.


Where's The Fun:

As a hobby I also moonlight as an actor appearing  in commercials for Fitbit, Facebook, Comcast Xfinity and the Netflix Original Series '13 Reasons Why'.

(Check out my IMDb here)

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